The Journey

No journey is complete without the trials and tribulations of traveling… There are the good parts, which give us adventure, new experiences and fun.  Then there are the parts that cause the angst; the queues, the boredom, the weather… every journey has its ups and downs and we cannot have one without the other.  Every journey in life needs a level of commitment, it needs a level of bravery too because travelling is not without its dangers.  It helps if you have others on your journey with you to support you, guide you and keep you company.  It’s also important to smile and laugh freely on your journey because it should be a happy experience.  You should enjoy every moment it gives you and make the most of every opportunity it creates.  Life is one huge journey with many twists and turns.  Be brave, be resilient, be positive, be prepared, be committed, be strong mentally and physically, be firm and be patient… but most importantly, be happy!  That’s what the journey is about: being happy and noticing every stroke along the way.  The road to anywhere can be long and requires much effort, whilst the waves of adversity can be so high that they knock you back.  But when your boat finally comes in, at your ultimate destination, boy will the journey and the struggle have been worth it!  - Iona Sky Dec 2018

An entire month has passed since we announced our campaign start; the pace has not slowed down one bit!  We are truly humbled by the level of support shown by all those we’ve reached so far with this endeavour. 

We conclude a first month by welcoming our two latest Bronze Partners to the HMS Oardacious family:

Xpedite: a leading engineering consultancy service who achieve excellence for defence and commercial business, using Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) to generate viable proactive maintenance strategies.


Advanced Marine Innovation Technology Subsea Ltd “AMITS” :   A company developing and building equipment for use underwater, including the HABETaS Submarine escape equipment currently in use on the submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

To find out how you or your company can support our campaign, please visit the “become an HMS Oardacious partner” area of our website.

Thank you so much for all your encouragement over the past month, we honestly couldn’t keep up this momentum without you!