“Today I will do what other won’t so that tomorrow I can do what other can’t!"

After a good Christmas and New year, its back to work for the HMS Oardacious team!

This week sees our strength and conditioning programme come to the forefront with a fantastic plan professionally put together with the help and support of our S&C advisor, Pat Coy (Royal Marines). The aim of the first Block of our programme is to build a strength baseline, with our go to movements being Back Squats, Deadlifts and Bench-press… backed up with some significant accessory work!

By no means are we taking our eye of the rowing element of the prep with plenty of ERGO/Rowing Machine sessions planned in too!

Though it may be difficult for individuals to trust a new training regime, by trusting a shared programme and buying into a mutual mentality, we can promise ourselves that best shot to be in the best physical shape we can be in at the start of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge race and take part with a view to win!

“Today I will do what other won’t so that tomorrow I can do what other can’t!” Mat Fraser

A key part of our Strength and Conditioning plan is Nutrition, and we are very lucky to welcome our latest HMS Oardacious Bronze partner: The Weston Biltong Company!!! They are a fantastic fourth generation British farming family living in Cheshire but with hearts in South Africa. The Weston Biltong Company are very kindly supporting the HMS Oardacious crew with a small mountain of high protein Biltong to help sustain us during our training as well as on our Atlantic Crossing.