Team manager’s blog 13 Feb 2019

It’s been a little while since I went into type for HMS OARDACIOUS – at least on this website, as we’ve been feverishly busy since the break over Christmas and the New Year on our fundraising campaign. So far we have seen a vastly positive response from everyone we’ve spoken to about our challenge, who we are, what we are doing and what we’re doing it for.

This has been particularly pleasing to see and has been so great to be doing this against the backdrop of the 2018-19 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. This year’s challenge has seen some hugely exciting stories from across the fleet, the real human endeavours of facing up to this daunting, vast and inhospitable ocean and conquering it, not only the physical expanse, but the very real and psychological challenge that comes within one’s self. The team are all experienced in one way or another with facing down challenges, indeed it’s no easy feat joining the Royal Navy, but to then get where they have got to each in their chosen career paths demands dedication, fearlessness, strength and determination. I can say this in all good faith, since I’ve trodden that path myself, alongside each of them, in our brotherhood, united by our Dolphins.

When we go to sea, we don’t get there solely through the actions of our own team. We rely on the hard work, dedication, intellectual horsepower, imagination and expertise of thousands of people who form part of the Submarine Enterprise across the United Kingdom. This list of people who get our Submarines to sea, forming the United Kingdom’s strategic nuclear deterrent, and our formidable Attack Submarine force, is long and varied, and is reflected in the partners who have stepped forward to support us in HMS OARDACIOUS. We rely on Blue Chip companies, who have become household names in the field of Engineering, Defence Technology and Consultancy services, to provide the world class support to our submarines to ensure they are able to carry out their mission.

Since the New Year, we’ve announced a number of partners joining us, and most recently we have been pleased to announce Micropore Inc as Bronze partners, growing on their support to the Submarine service through their products which we rely on to maintain a clean breathable atmosphere around the clock, when our submarines are dived below the ocean’s surface.

We’ve also been hugely fortunate to have a number of livery companies of the City of London join our exciting endeavour. Two noteworthy additions to our team have been the Worshipful Company of Silver and Wyre Drawers, who are also associated with HMS VICTORIOUS, one of the 4 In-Service nuclear deterrent platforms, as well as the the Worshipful Company of Joiners and Ceilers, proudly affiliated to HMS ASTUTE, the first of class of our newest Hunter Killer submarines, interestingly, the latter I personally enjoyed spending several weeks on board as trials officer for the first Tomahawk Land Attack Missile Firings back in 2011.

We are very excited to announce a really special aspect to our campaign, having secured, through the kind support offered to us through our affiliation with Greenwich hospital, the use of the Painted Hall at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich for our Gala Dinner. The event is scheduled for 4

October 2019, and promises to be a truly special experience, for our distinguished guests, in a location absolutely steeped in Naval History, demonstrating the strong and deep heritage of the Royal Navy, which resonates so strongly with the huge challenge that HMS OARDACIOUS will undertake.

For more details on the Gala Dinner event, or to sponsor us, please contact us through our admin account