Submariner ethos: Unity & Heritage

There is a Democracy of Things Real in the boats which is a very fine kind of Democracy. Both men and officers in a submarine know that each man's life is held in the hands of any one of them, who by carelessness or ignorance may make their ship into a common coffin; all ranks live close together, and when the occasion arises go to their deaths in the same way. The Fear of Death is a great leveller, and in submarines an officer or a man's competency for his job is the only real standard by which he is judged.”  Written in “The Story of Our Submarines” by John Bower (1919), himself a World War 1 submarine Commanding Officer.  

As our HMS Oardacious campaign evolves and grows, so does the wonderful story.  A very special element of being Submariners is our involvement in a much wider community, one that stretches out to our industrial partners, affiliates, families, friends and of course our veteran community who form such an integral aspect of our Submarine service.  Heritage forms a key part our ethos and a cornerstone to what being a Submariner is all about.  We were humbled to have been invited to attend the Submariner’s Association AGM which had us present the HMS Oardacious endeavour to more than 100 submarine service Veterans; we could not have been more proud to have shared this story with our veteran community, those who have sacrificed so much and to share this adventure with these incredible people truly reinforced our purpose.  We will continue to build on this story, to inspire others as we have been inspired by those before us.

This story would not however be possible without the incredible support from our Official partners who support both HMS Oardacious and the wider Royal Navy Submarine Service.  We would take this opportunity to announce our Gold partners BAE Systems who design, build, test and commission the most advanced Submarines ever operated by the Royal Navy.  

We are also delighted to announce our latest Bronze partners Lockheed Martin who have operated in the UK for 80 years and not only support the Royal Navy and Royal Marines under, on and above the sea, but are incredibly proud to provide ongoing support to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC).

Submariners Association AGM -  photocredit RN phot Belinda Alker

Submariners Association AGM - photocredit RN phot Belinda Alker